by NocturnalSaint

NocturnalSaint works in a Business Processing Outsourcing company who loves to travel, discover new things, explore different cultures and learn new things. He is a blogger who love's to pen his thoughts, feelings and adventures.

I used to think that travelling is only for rich people. It requires time and lots of money. Deep in my heart I love to go and visit different places. However I am sort of introvert, shy type, doesn't like socializing and doesn't have the funds to sustain such luxury. In short I was everything a traveler should not be. I have a lot of misconception about travelling until I joined a tour as a solo joiner It rekindle my passion for travelling.

After a couple of trips and misfortunes I have decided to document all my trips. My blog is about anything and everything under he sun. It may be about food, event, films, places to explore and so much more. On my travel blog, I documented my adventures and experience from the places that I have visited. The blog provides travel guide for traveler, Tips and tourist spots to visit that can be helpful for new travelers. My goal is to share the beauty of the Philippines and to educate people about its different culture.

When I am not travelling I spend time watching films and eat out. I also love reading books. I am a fan of Sci-Fi, horror and romantic novels.

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